Severance Solution

What is the Severance Solution?

You’ve been terminated. Now comes the inevitable questions:

  • Do I have a case?
  • Is it worth it to pursue a claim?
  • What is the right decision to make? 
  • What will this cost? What are my risks?

Severance Solution is a technology and data-driven 6-step system that gives Canadian workers the tools to quickly and more accurately predict outcomes in severance and termination matters.

Empower Yourself in Severance and Termination Matters
  • Use of real case data and statistical analysis to predict your outcome … fast!
  • Put the power to successfully navigate your workplace dispute in your hands
  • Take the fear and unknown out of your decision making.
  • Transform the way termination and severance packages are managed with a new and cutting-edge initiative – The Severance Solution®.

How The Severance Solution Works

Step 1


A preliminary discussion of your situation with a Whitten & Lublin assessment professional.

Step 2


A consultation with a qualified and knowledgeable employment and labour lawyer from one of Canada’s leading workplace law firms to obtain advice.

Step 3

Statistical Analysis

Obtain access to proprietary outcome prediction software to more accurately assess your range of financial compensation.

Step 4

Analysis of Employer Behaviour

Our proprietary database provides insights on your employer’s severance behaviour & traits allowing you to maximizing your outcome and minimize risk.

Step 5

Action Plan

A customized step-by-step written action plan developed for you by your Whitten & Lublin lawyer.

Step 6


Execution of your plan and actions designed to secure an improved severance package.

Initial Consultation Fees Starting As Low As $295* + tax

*Initial consultation fees vary depending upon the experience of the employment lawyers & the type of case

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our Severance Solution® relies on Canada’s leading machine-based learning software to accurately analyze and predict fair severance compensation for Canadian employees to 90% accuracy.

Plus, our proprietary database of unique insights into employer behaviour that we’ve collected from 24,000 similar cases.

When you work with Whitten & Lublin, we’ll put the power back in your hands, so you can successfully navigate your workplace legal matter with less fear and more confidence.

A Nationally Recognized Team

The Severance Solution® is powered by Whitten & Lublin, Employment & Labour Lawyers, one of Canada’s premiere workplace law firms. The firm is nationally recognized as one of Canada’s Top 10 Employment & Labour Law Firms, by Canadian Lawyer Magazine and its lawyers are considered “Leading Practitioners” by Lexpert, which is the largest annual survey of leading lawyers in Canada and an acknowledgment of excellence by a lawyer’s own peers and colleagues.

A system that really works

We know how severance and termination matters work. We have designed a six-step system to empower Canadian workers to better predict the outcome and make data-driven decisions. This is designed to reduce risk and costs and provide Canadian workers with the insights they need to make more informed decisions.

Severance Solutions Questions

Am I entitled to a severance package?

How long does it take to improve my severance package?

How much can I expect to obtain in a severance package?

What does a fair severance package contain?

What will it cost me to improve my severance package?

How do I know if my severance package is unfair?

Our Winning Approach to Severance and Termination Matters

Our team has navigated approximately 20,000 employment law matters over the past decade. The Severance Solution ® allows you to leverage this deep database of unique insights into employer behavior and outcomes in specific fact situations.

Managing Directors of The Severance Solution

Daniel Lublin, Partner

Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers

David Whitten, Partner

Whitten & Lublin Employment Lawyers

Types of Cases

Severance Packages

Employees faced with a termination or severance matter need to ensure that the severance package is reasonable and fair. We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced lawyers who focus exclusively on employment and workplace law matters.

Unjust and Wrongful Dismissals

Sometimes a severance matter cannot be resolved without a lawsuit. Our team is highly experienced in any form of workplace dispute and dispute resolution.

Severance Calculators
We have partnered with Canada’s leading machine based learning software (artificial intelligence) in order to most accurately assess the fair severance that you should receive.